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Officine dispari
Ceramic workshop
2019 - ongoing

Officine Dispari is a project initiated by a non-profit organization in the outskirt of Milan, Cooperativa Il Grappolo.
The aim of the project is to create a ceramic workshop where people with disability or in search of asylum could be trained and get a work position.

I was asked to help starting the project and to lead the workshop.
We created a physical space where I could instruct the first two persons. I designed a family of ceramics that could be made by them, step by step.

Each ceramic is handmade, following the idea of the slow living: we value the time of the production, and the differences between the pieces become their biggest quality and therefore they are unique pieces.

The project is ongoing and still running.
I am happy to say that Roberto, my first trainee, got a permanent job and he is now able to complete by himself the whole process of making a ceramic piece.