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        Salt and pepper are like soft rain falling on your palm, tickling your nerves, filling the holes in between your fingers, finding the folds of your skin.

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Based in Amsterdam NL / cooking everywhere

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Food Installation & performance
DDW October 2019 - ‘The Object is Absent’ exhibition
MU Gallery, Eindhoven (NL)

For the exhibition ‘The Object is Absent’, curated by Alexandre Humbert, Lucas Maassen and Angelique Sparks, I designed a food installation that asked people to engage through all the senses, from smell to touch to taste, without the use of any object. 

Breaking bread and offering it to visitors was my way of engaging and strart a conversation around the act of eating. Our hands are used to enjoy food and to explore new food interactions.
I took inspirations from other cultures where the preparation and the eating are performed on the floor as communal action. Can the floor be considered ‘dirty’ to eat from?

Pictures: Dave Menkerhorst