Over time, countryside has diminished if not even lost its own significance as a place for agricultural and food production, and the presence and labour of people is almost not needed anymore. The abandoned supermarket in Genterovci (Lendava, Slovenia) becomes yet another reminder of this trend: an empty man-made space tha

I designed an intervention in the supermarket aiming to intrude the spaces, whilst leaving the strong language and atmosphere of the old supermarket interiors untouched. People will fill it with their presence by temporarily taking its spaces back and redefining its functions and significance through food.
The designed interventions, such as a kitchen, dining tables and benches, act as parasites to the supermarket's existing elements, partly laying on them, thus underlining the dependency on them and, therefore, their importance. In this way they will "disappear" from the supermarket, leaving it as it was before.
The supermarket becomes a pop-up restaurant, a gathering space and a place of reconnection.

Part of the project 'Humans as temporary visitors in the constructed countryside' by the group of the episode Countryside Reloaded mentored by mischer'traxler studio.
For the Biennal of design BIO25 - Faraway So Close curated by Angela Rui and Maja Vardjan

Faraway So Close
25 May-29 November 2017
MAO - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Episode location: Genterovci (Lendava), Slovenia

Pictures © Peter Giodani / Delfino Sisto Legnani , Marco Cappelletti

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