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        Salt and pepper are like soft rain falling on your palm, tickling your nerves, filling the holes in between your fingers, finding the folds of your skin.

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MIL Conexo 
Installation and performance
July 2019 - Moray,Peru

MIL Conexo was presented as one of the projects of the workshop organized by AA Nanotourism Visiting School in Moray, Peru

An open space, inclusive and adaptable. The project thus manifests itself as a carved space in the surrounding landscape right inbetween restaurant MIL and the archelological site of Moray. The intervention is composed of a designated area for the production of an open fire, platforms for food processing and a seating area. It serves as a community space that is based on the long-lasting traditons of Andean pit-cooking and preparation of traditional sauces. The circular design signifies inclusiveness and references Moray as a former site of agricultural production.