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        Salt and pepper are like soft rain falling on your palm, tickling your nerves, filling the holes in between your fingers, finding the folds of your skin.

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Gnam is a project designed for children, and it focuses on their action of eating. The feeding time can become an opportunity of growth and to gain knowledge, through their hands.
Gnam is composed by a series of cutleries, very different from the ones commonly used, that accompany the child during the passage from the use of the hands to the use of cutlery.
These tools will allow kids to experiment with food and its consistencies: they can understand themselves what they have in front, and at the same time live this moment of cognitive growth as playful moment.
Gnam is composed of three families of objects, designed with different handles accompanying the child’s growth and its physical abilities: from shapes that do not require many skills, to forms that most resemble the common cutlery.
Ette: 10-18 months; Ciotti: 18-24 months; Giraffe, 24 to 30 months.

In collaboration with : Chiara Minotti