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Food Fields
Biennal of design BIO25 - Faraway So Close curated by Angela Rui and Maja Vardjan
25 May-29 November 2017
MAO - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project by mischer’traxler studio and Giulia Soldati

Part of the project 'Humans as temporary visitors in the constructed countryside' by the group of the episode Countryside Reloaded mentored by mischer'traxler studio.
Episode location: Genterovci (Lendava), Slovenia

For the project Food Fields, data about food production and land use are transformed into three-dimensional infographics.
Colorful elements show on a real scale how much land is needed per person per year to produce enough food, or they show the amount of land and water used to create specific meals.
The biggest field reveals how the energy that is put into the production of wheat is distributed between factors such as fuel, machinery, and pesticides, and leaves us with the shocking understanding that just 0.03% comes from human labor, whereas 47.2% of energy is needed for fertilizers.
The real scale of these creations helps people relate to the actual figures in a very direct way and thus creates awareness about how much we all need the countryside and its agricultural output.