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        Salt and pepper are like soft rain falling on your palm, tickling your nerves, filling the holes in between your fingers, finding the folds of your skin.

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Contatto Experience
Eating Experience | Culinary Culture
2016 — ongoing

‘During the Contatto eating experience the ingredients are placed on your hand by my hand. While the ingredients are moving from my hand to yours, you are being touched.,

Contatto is a new culinary culture and eating experience.
It advocates a change in the current culture of food, challenging the existing one, which neglects essential sensorial experiences.

Contatto provides a new approach to the materiality of food, proposing new ways for food preparation and consumption. Aiming to get to the essence of the human-food relationship in its most genuine level, Contatto removes unnecessary mediating components’: the objects that create a distance between the body and food such as cutlery, plates and some preparation tools. Instead, preparation and consumption focus on the hand,extending taste to the realm of touch.

How many times we hear or read around us: ‘do not touch’. We would never say do not look or do not hear: so why do we think we can divorce ourselves from this one essential sense?

Contatto asks to push the boundaries of our comfort zone.
Removing the 'barrier' between the materiality of food and our body created usually by plates and cutlery, Contatto brings another layers of involvement in relation to food, our body, emotions and senses. 

It is not just an eating experience, it involves an intimate rediscovery of senses and tactility, becoming a sensorial celebration of food and the action of eating. And those intense emotions will permeate and stay longer on skin than the ingredients do.

Egg yolk, lime, salt, pepper, fried bread crumbs © Giulia Soldati

Private event X The Big Now

Koinè Restaurant, October 2015
In collaboration with chefs Alberto Buratti and Simone Cantafio
Legnano (IT)


1- © Guido Van Nispen 2-©DAE

Selected events


August | Masseria Cultura , Puglia (IT)
July | Design Science Summer School: Synthetic foods, Ljubljana (SI)


October | The Object is Absent, MU Art Gallery, DDW19 | Eindhoven, NL
5 April | Contatto Experience x Cà Ventiquattro | Milan (IT)
10 April | Your Food Touch - Private Event | Contatto Experience x NEFF | Milan (IT)
8-12 April | Dfood - Sarpi Food District @ Fuorisalone | Milan (IT)

Every Tuesday | Tuesday in Touch - Contatto Experience in Milano Isola

2 November | Gustatus | Orbetello (IT)
25-26 October| Contatto @ Kitchen Forward| Studio Forward | Palermo (IT)
16 October | Contatto + Entonote | Milano (IT)
14 ottobre | Performance 'Naked' | Museum Kranemburgh | Bergen (NL)
20 July | Cascina Linterno | Milano (IT)
12 July | Supper Club @ Guest Project | w/The Laundry Arts | London (UK)
16 June | Private Dinner for Laboratorio Officina Idee | w/Officine Tamborrino | Conversano (IT)
16 June | Lectorintavola | Conversano (IT)
14 June | Food Revolution 5.0 | Kunstgewerbemuseum | Berlin (DE)
9 June | Primitive Contatto | w/ Elsa Yranzo | Casamitjana 15 | Barcelona Design Week | Barcelona (ES)
6 June | Acetaia Giusti | w/badeggs and Ufoody | Modena (IT)
17 May | Koinè Restaurant | With chef Alberto Buratti | Legnano (MI), Italy
5 March | Soulgreen Restaurant | Milan, Italy
5 March | Soulgreen Restaurant | Milan, Italy
5 February | Soulgreen Restaurant | Milan, Italy

22 November | Private event for Novotel Linate | Milan, Italy
June | Private dinner in Arnhem (NL) | Food Heuvelrug in Doorn (NL)
23 February | MFW private event for The big Now LOW | Casa Lago, Milan
19 January | FRAME KitchenLab | IMM Cologne


November/December | Private dinners in Milan (IT), Eindhoven (NL) and Arnhem (NL)
15 November | Mangiamaccheroni Dinner | DAE Social Design Alumni Day, Eindhoven (NL)
22nd-30th October 2016 | Dutch Design Week | Eindhoven (NL)
29th September-2nd October| Festival Ciudad Jardìn Alt Empordà | Vantallò (ES)
23 June 2016 | Private dinner | Mediamatic Amsterdam (NL)
14 April 2016 | Valentin Loellmann Studio | Maastricht (NL)
November 2015 - ongoing
Contatto Experiences, research and experimentation in Eindhoven (NL)
October 2015
Contatto Experience at Koinè Restaurant (Legnano, IT)
in collaboration with the chefs Alberto Buratti (Koinè-IT) and Simone Cantafio (Michel Bras Toya Japon)24 November

Contatto Experiences, research and experimentation in Eindhoven (NL)
October 2015
Koinè Restaurant (Legnano, IT)