The book is a manual, a guide, introducing the new culinary culture of Contatto.
The book illustrates the study behind the hand and how it guides and direct the research and the action of eating.

The hand is the real protagonist of Contatto: the taste is extended to the realm of touch.
Contatto distances itself from the flatness of the white plate, introducing a new way of serving and assembling the ingredients: the hand.

New meanings are given to words, such as ‘touch’ , a course, a portion of food, what your can hold.
A touch is a combination of ingredients and hand gestures: to build a touch, a series of gestures are needed.

Because the hand is the surface where food is placed, its structure is what influences the way the ingredients are assembled together.
The complexity of the hand makes it an interesting and challenging subject of exploration and discovery.
The totality of the hand is taken in consideration: fingertips, palm, wrist, the back of the hand.

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