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        Salt and pepper are like soft rain falling on your palm, tickling your nerves, filling the holes in between your fingers, finding the folds of your skin.

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Based in Amsterdam NL / cooking everywhere

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Hello, my name is Giulia Soldati. I am a designer and I work with food.

I create unique and immersive edible experiences that engage all the senses, and in particular the sense of touch.
Being inspired by food-related objects and food traditions, I redesign gestures and the choreography of the body in relation to food, crafting ceramics and tools to be used at the table.

By recognizing the amazing power food has to bring people together, my work is based on conviviality, rituals, aiming to redefine the way we interact with it and to generate new food narratives

In the process, I use my hands as a tool for knowledge: touching enables to get closer to the ingredients, their history, the cultures they come from. For this reason my practice always encourages sensoriality at the table and the use of our hands. I believe that feeling on our skin what we are about to eat gives us another level of understanding of the food we will ingest, eventually making us more aware on the choices we make every day.

In 2016 I founded Contatto Experience, a culinary culture and eating experience that extends taste to the realm of touch.

I am currently investigating how bread, being the base of food cultures and of our nourishment, can speak of different issues and can generate spaces of community. You can find me in Amsterdam at Broodbakkerij Ex. 

Ph: Abril Macías

Giulia Soldati / Freelance Designer /
Baker /
Visiting professor at UNISG, Pollenzo (IT)

Commissioned and self initiated
projects /

Eating experiences / Food Research / Ceramics and eating tools /

Selected Food Installations / Exhibitions / Workshops / Talks

December 2023 - ‘Food Dreams’ food installation in collaboration with visual artist mamt X iii, The Hague
October 2023 - ‘La terra sotto i piedi’ food installation X The New Order Of Fashion DDW, Eindhoven
September 2023 - Tutor workshop ‘Ospite Ospitante’ at San Marino Pavillion at Venice Biennale, Venice
June 2023 - Bread installation x Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam
April 2023 + December 2023 -  ‘Taste and touch’ at Master of Future Food Thinking’, UNISG Pollenzo 
April 2023 - ‘Tera e Feu’ foraging + dinner with Spontaneus Lab, Moncalvo d’Asti

July 2022 - Un-wrapped dinner X Loop - Louxemburg  
June 2022 - Geography of Bread X DAE at Milan Design Week 
October 2022 - Curated Alumni Breakfast x DAE at DDW, Eindhoven

October 2021- Workshop at Master of Future Food Thinking, UNISG Pollenzo (IT)
August 2021 - Residency Masseria Cultura - Noci, Italy
2021 - Lecturer at AA Summer School, Venice Biennal
2021 - Lecturer at Design+Science Summer School, University of Ljubljana
2021 - Present Continuous, Nèo x 5vie Milano

2020-2021  - Future Food. How will we eat tomorrow?, DHMD, Dresden
2020 - Creative Food Cycle - Online lecture + Scarpetta tasting 
2020 - Workshop - Convivium, How to design a gesture - Abadir Academy, Catania
2020 - Nèo, Design Italiano, Courmayeur Design weekend 

2019 - Food: Bigger than the plate, V&A Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2019 - The Object is Absent, MU Gallery, Eindhoven

2018 - NOM, AMP Gallery, London, UK
2018 - Naked, Kranemburgh Museum, Bergen, NL
2018 - Food Revolution 5.0, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin

2017  - Experiencing Food: Designing Dialogues, Lisbon
2017 - BIO25 Faraway, So Close, MAO, Ljubljana
2017 - KitchenLab Pavillion by Frame Magazine, IMM Cologne


Selected Press

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Dispensa Magazine | Issue 11 | January 2020
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Domus Magazine
| December 2020
BBC | Dining in greenhouses


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The Dutch Institute of Food&Design | Choreography of the hand - A La Mano  
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GQ Italia | n. 222 September 2018 | E' Nato prima l'uovo o la cucina?
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Elle Decor Italia, Issue 1, February 2017 



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